Era GO: Ride Hailing and Delivery App

Optimized for Speed with Modern Technology

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Era GO was created during the COVID pandemic as demand rose for quality delivery applications as many customers were unable to visit outlets directly. Many organizations found the need to deliver their products but did not wish to depend on mass delivery products such as Uber Eats which work on their own time and are costly in the long run. As there was also a requirement for more private transport methods, Era Biz also combined this need with the app for delivery. This versatility is what makes Era GO truly unique and reliable.

Era Go is a fully customizable ride-hailing and/or delivery application made for mobile usage.

It is a fully Sri Lankan made-from-scratch product that can be changed according to your requirements to become a taxi app, food delivery app, courier app, and/or grocery delivery app for goods such as milk, fresh fruit, or others. Made with a hybrid core Era GO is perfectly adapted to both iOS and Android users using a cloud server.

ERA GO Tech Stack:

Compatibility: Android and iOS mobile devices

Tech Stack: Swift, React Native

1. 100% Original
2. Fully Comprehensive and Customizable
3. Cloud-based
4. Flexible and Adaptable
5. Tried and Tested for Quality, Speed and Efficiency
6. Very Cost Effective
7. Compatible with Taxi, Delivery, and Courier Tracking
8. Full support for setup during the project phase
9. No Additional cost for More Users
10. Not a Subscription. Allows full ownership of customized app with White Labeling.

Era Go offers multiple advantages to its three categories of users: The Client, The Driver/ Delivery Personnel, and the Administration staff who are part of the business owners.

1. What it can offer to Delivery Personnel / Driver:

a. Easy Route Mapping through Google Satellite
b. Delivery Time Prediction to Pick up Location and To Dropoff Location
c. Accurate Calculation of Distance Travelled
d. Compilation of Contact Details and Easy In-App Calling Facilities
e. Able to Obtain Live Support Quickly
f. Accurately calculate distance traveled for payment purposes
g. Can be set up to obtain Tips and Reviews

2. What it can offer to Clients:

a. Track Order
b. Request support in case of delays
c. Contact Delivery Personnel
d. Pay by Card or Cash
e. Provide Reviews or Raise Complaints easily

3. What it can offer to Business Owners / Admin:

a. Reduce Delivery Costs by Plotting Optimum Routes
b. Track Delivery Personnel when and as required
c. Link Payment Gateway to enable Card Payments in Addition to Cash Payments
d. Pay in bulk for ownership of the customized app with white labeling
e. No additional costs except cloud server charges for storage
f. Calculate accurate distance traveled by delivery personnel for cost and pay calculations
g. Easy complaint handling and ability to provide support for the delivery personnel.


Here White Labeling means that the business owners who purchase the app obtain full license and ownership of the customized version of theEra GO app for its lifetime, at no additional cost except for the app cost. This customized version will be renamed under their organization’s name and fully handed over to them, with only an inconspicuous tagline stating that it was developed by Era Biz Solutions. This allows the organization to take full ownership of the app in a secure manner.

How is Cost for Era GO Calculated?

Era GO has a fixed cost for the core of the app which is added to customization costs which will form the outer layer of the app according to client needs. For further information contact us directly for more information.

Why Choose an Era Biz Product?

Partnering with Era Biz for your technology requirements offers several advantages:

• Made by an experienced IT company in the field for over 11 years
• Highly cost-effective due to offshore development in Sri Lanka
• Extremely reliable and secure vetted in-house developers
• Able to access a large pool of multiskilled developers as needs arise
• Use of Agile Development methods
• Increased flexibility and scalability
• Easy communication in fluent English and a number of other languages
• Able to partner through a number of engagement models
• Made-from-scratch and fully customizable product options

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to customize Era GO for your own organization and make deliveries markedly faster!