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Large organizations are always highly in need of swift, affordable, and simple technology solutions that can be scaled up or down to their specific needs. We provide the highest quality customized enterprise software development that perfectly fits the organization’s requirements – all at a very cost-effective rate.

Enterprise Software Development is the specialized process of creating, not just a single application or software, but a fully scalable multitasking enterprise system for an organization that can respond to all the technological needs that may arise in the course of business. In most situations, such systems are created for large organizations and hence require critical large-scale data integration with existing systems and an ability to scale up processes to major proportions. While there are generic enterprise software available in the market, most organizations find them incompatible or inadequate for their needs and require custom enterprise software developed to match their purposes.

While there are several reasons an organization may choose to create enterprise software, the actual software itself is segregated into 3 major types: customer relationships management (CRM) system, enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, and supply chain management (SCM) system.

Customer Relationships Management System (CRM)

A CRM System allows organizations to keep track of all the data related to the relationships and interactions with their customers or potential customers. The system helps keep track of the entire client life cycle from the lead formation stage (when finding a potential client); to the initial contact stage with customer calls, emails, and other contact made; the contract formation stage with contracts made and product and services offered; marketing campaigns and other sales opportunities on offer; the financial data involving the customer, alongside any reports or invoices; and any complaints raised and the process involving solving it. The system serves as a tool that helps with customer contact management, sales management, agent productivity, and more. A well-developed CRM system exemplifies enterprise software development, drives business growth, improves efficiency, and helps measure the profitability of an organization.

Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP)

An Enterprise Resource Planning System helps record the functionality and efficiently manage all the core business processes of an organization in a single place. This would include features for managing departments such as Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, etc. Through the ERP system, organizations are able to automate business process processes and make intelligent decisions in a faster and easier way. It also offers better transparency, visibility, and collaboration between business processes; while offering higher management and investors many agile and reliable ways to measure their organization’s performance. Notably, CRM Systems and SCM systems can be made to fully integrate with the functions of the ERP system during enterprise software development. In other words, they function as the body that does functions, while the ERP system is the brain that directs higher-level decisions.

Supply Chain Management System (SCM)

SCM systems are made to record and manage the supply chains of products or services within organizations. The system records the flow of goods, from the procurement of raw materials and resources (including human resources); to the manufacturing of the good or service; to the logistics involving helping the final product reach the client. While logistics is the first thought that occurs when thinking of SCM systems, they are just one component in a complex system that connects suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, transportation and logistics service providers, and retailers. SCM also allows planning and order management, alongside any maintenance required for the products or services. Today SCM systems are made to be customer-centric, instead of product-centric as they were before.

An Enterprise software developer is a software engineer who has the specialized skillsets to design, develop, implement, and maintain scalable and agile enterprise software. Enterprise software developers are usually able to configure and customize the newest technologies to fit their clients’ requirements. The role requires a degree in computer science or information technology, alongside extensive experience and familiarity in developing large-scale systems for organizations. Enterprise Software Development also usually requires coding knowledge in technologies such as SQL Server, CSS, jQuery, and Java. Developers will also be required to communicate and collaborate with clients and stakeholders from the client’s organization to understand the detailed needs and requirements of the Enterprise software being developed.

Why Choose Era Biz for Your Enterprise Software Development Project?

Highly Experienced in Large Scale Developments

Era Biz has over 10 years of experience in building software for large enterprises and government institutions. Hence, with us, the scalability, security, and storage power of your IT solution is guaranteed.

Complete Protection of Your Data

We use secure development methods and vetted developers. We ensure data privacy through a need-to-know-only policy and have absolute security of our client data.

In-depth Collaboration and Communication

Our development team is very fluent in English and other languages and you will find it easy to communicate with them. They will act in full collaboration with you and speak with you and any stakeholders of this project to gain an in-depth understanding of the project’s requirements and the features needed for your software.

Affordable Rates with the Highest Quality

We offer the highest quality work at unprecedentedly affordable rates. This is achieved through ethical and agile development done offshore in Sri Lanka. It is also notable that with us you will not be paying for the headcount of users using the developed software, but the actual complexity of the system.

Reliable and Transparent Development

While you may need to pay any server charges applicable for large-scale storage on a regular basis, other development costs are only for the software. You will be given a clear understanding of what your developers are working on at all times and a clear breakdown of the charges during development. The development will also be completed on time. We work to ensure transparency and reliability.