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Let us do the hiring work for your project while you relax! Learn the what, why, when and how of Dedicated Teams with Era Biz Solutions.

Partner for Success

Let us lead you on your path to success by providing you with vetted dedicated teams for any software project you may have. As your ultimate partner, Era Biz Solutions is secure, experienced and easy to work with. Our flexible work model will ensure your ultimate comfort on your long journey with us. Contact us right away to create your winning team!

A ‘Dedicated Team’ is an outsourcing strategy that allows an individual or organization to hire a full-fledged team of software developers for a planned software development project through an outsourced, often offshore, software development company on long term contract. A dedicated project team structure lets the client have full control over the project, while giving them the opportunity to delegate difficult tasks and responsibilities to an outsourced dedicated team who has maximum focus on the project. Dedicated team will not be switched to other contracts or handle tasks for other clients.

100 % Focus

A dedicated team will focus fully on your project, in a way that inhouse software developers are unable to. This will ensure that your project is acted upon and completed in the most efficient manner.

Cost Effectiveness

Based on data collected, an outsourced dedicated team can result in a 40% - 60% average cost saving for a software development project based on reductions in hiring, administrative and overhead costs.

Defined Budget

Hiring a Dedicated Team allows you to define your budget and have absolute control over your financials for any software development project. Any changes can be anticipated and planned for.

Total Control

When you hire a dedicated team, this allows you total control over your project and task list. You will be more involved and will have the technical ownership of your project team. As the client the dedicated team will be working for, you will be able to fully or partially participate in the hiring process of the shortlisted candidates.

Increased Agility

Working with a dedicated team improves agility unlike in a Fixed-Price project. You will be able to make necessary changes in accordance with changes in the economy, environment, and market.

Why You Should You Hire Dedicated Teams with Era Biz Solutions for your Software Development Project?


Pricing is Very Competitive.


Swift hiring process according to your timing.


Access to a large pool of top dedicated offshore software developers in the tech hub of Sri Lanka and the UK.


Availability of experts for hire in full-stack PHP, Java, JavaScript, Python, React, React Native, React.js, HTML/CSS, WordPress, C++, iOS, Android, DevOps, UI/UX, Quality Assurance Testing, and more.


Well-structured and strict hiring process; with steps involving checking candidate qualifications and skills, English language quiz, first interview, subject matter quiz, second interview and security check and final interview.


Full control over the final hiring of the shortlisted candidates and even the other hiring stages if the client wishes.


A vetted multilingual dedicated team with high fluency in English. Easy communication is guaranteed.


Initial Induction and Training for dedicated team handled by Era Biz Solutions


A dedicated offshore team that works at least 50% on your local timeline allowing your oversight.


A dedicated project manager who will oversee and monitor the project on the local timeline.


Your Data Privacy and Security protected through secure software development practices, privacy policies and ironclad non-disclosure agreements.


Proper brainstorming, planning and reporting.


Agile development methods for entire project allowing you to easily make changes.


Focus on Professional growth of developers in the dedicated teams, ensuring increase of efficiency in your dedicated teams.


Complete transparency of business processes.

When is the Dedicated Team Model the Right Choice for your Project?

Here are the best times to choose a Dedicated Team Model with Era Biz Solutions for your Project:

From Scratch Software Development Project

This is one reason to choose a dedicated team as you will need a full team to create your software product from zero to one hundred.

Requirement of Software Developers for Extended Period.

If your contract period is going to be large it is best that you hire a dedicated team even if you only need one developer. This will offer you the best value both financially and technically.

Have Full Control of your Software Development Project

If you wish to have the independence to make many changes as development occurs and manage your project team in the same way that you would manage your in-house staff, then a dedicated team is the way to go.

Have an IT background and Know What You Need

While your company’s skills will differ, knowing what you need can definitely help things along faster. In this case, you can easily give us the requirements and we can hire your dedicated team for you.

Want A Dedicated Team Even for a Little Extra Cost

While somewhat more expensive than our fixed-price project models, when you hire dedicated teams with Era Biz Solutions they work for you, and only you during the contract period. This improves efficiency and effectiveness.

Almost every full project is appropriate for dedicated teams. However, do not be misled. Just as every work option has pros and cons, there are some instances where our Staff Augmentation Model, Full Project Outsourcing, or Build-Operate-Transfer are more appropriate for your project. Read about them to gain an understanding. Here’s when you should definitely consider one of Era Biz Solutions’ other work models, instead of the Dedicated Teams model.


Length Your software development project is very short (If less than 3 months consider Staff Augmentation)


Numbers Your software development needs very few experts


Budget If you have a fixed budget and have planned and fixed requirements


Resources If you don’t have the time and/or resources to be more closely involved with the project


Time If you don’t have time and need a Software Development company to take full ownership of your project, test and run the final product on your behalf for smoothness, and then handover completed product.

What will your team structure be like?

Your dedicated team structure at Era Biz Solutions will usually include a dedicated project manager, quality assurance engineer, DevOps expert, and required numbers of other experts such as PHP Developers, React.js developers, Java engineers, WordPress developers, UI/UX developers, and mobile app developers. The number of dedicated software engineers in your team will be in accordance to your initial requirements stated

However, if you have a limited FTE count (Full-Time Equivalent count) you can choose to hire only the key developers to be part of your dedicated team, and later through staff augmentation hire specific other experts such as a quality assurance engineer and DevOps expert to be part of your team at critical periods of your project.

All our projects receive their own project manager for oversight; hence you can relax on that end.

Hence, here are the ways you can hire dedicated software experts:


• Limited numbers of software developers hired on an individual basis, as per client request
• Will include a dedicated project manager for term of contract
• Performance Monitoring assistance


• A full team of dedicated software developers including auxiliary experts such as dedicated a QA engineer, and DevOps expert
• A dedicated project manager for the period of contract
• Performance Monitoring assistance
• Strategy and planning assistance for project
• Slightly reduced cost due to hiring in bulk


• A full team of dedicated IT experts according to your requirements
• A dedicated project manager / IT manager for the period of contract
• Performance Monitoring assistance
• Strategy and planning assistance for your IT tasks
• An autonomous team that works proactively
• Lower hiring costs and maintenance costs
• Increase of ROI as team becomes more familiar over time with your organization and their work roles in your team

Dedicated teams are what we specialize in and we have an easy 5-step structure made just for you.

1Client and offshore software development partner discuss requirements for the project. Outsourcing in Sri Lanka. IT Solutions

Give Us Your Requirements

You can either directly state the types and numbers of software development expertsyou require, alongside a simple background idea of your project so that we can ensure that your numbers match your needs. Or, if you have trouble anticipating clear numbers and types of personnel you require, you can give us a full and detailed description of your planned project. Then we will calculate the required numbers and create a proposal for you

2Searching from a large panel of offshore software developer candidates for the ideal candidate is a process that needs practice. Hiring for IT Project. Programmers. Hire Software Engineers

We Shortlist the Candidates

Candidates will be shortlisted through a series of tough reviews, quizzes and interviews. This will include an English test and Subject matter quiz. You can choose to contribute for these or get involved in the interviews. However, this is not mandatory as the hiring process is part of our services to you

3Human resource manager from Offshore software developer company does online interview. Working for IT Company. Hire Software Team. Human resources

You Select the Final Candidates

Final Interviews will be conducted with your involvement. We encourage you to participate as the selected candidate will be part of your final dedicated team. You would probably feel most comfortable knowing you were there to select the best of the best. Finalized team members will sign non-disclosure agreements to protect you as the client

4An Offshore software development team starts work on the project while brainstorming. Teamwork. Planning and design. IT project management

Team Forms and Starts Work

Once the team is formed a simple and brief Induction and Training will be conducted by Era Biz Solutions to bring all members of the dedicated team to the same ground level and to build teamwork. Usually, this ranges between 1-3 days in accordance to your requirements. However, this can be conducted in a more detailed manner for 1 week with project specific refresher sessions if you so specify. Once completed the team will start the main project. This is expected to involve a brainstorming, planning and action phase possibly segregated for agile development. The dedicated team will be fully in communication with you as with any of your other regular employees

5A software developer gets feedback from project manager. Positive feedback methods are the base for the growth of a development. Project manager. Management of Software project

Monitoring and Evaluation

Throughout the project contract period you will have a project manager monitoring the performance and tasks of the software developers in the dedicated team. They will report to you and help you analyze the performance of the team members and the project as a whole. Continuous evaluation will also be conducted for the team members to help them improve their performance. On the instance where no improvement is shown among low performing team members, the necessary actions will be taken


This involves a remote team of software developers working using agile methodologies on a fulltime basis hired through a third-party outsourcing company. The dedicated team usually consists of required software development experts, QA engineer/s, UI/UX designer, and a project manager all with knowledge of agile methods. Other team players such as a Scrum Master are flexibly added according to specific needs. They are typically hired through an offshore software development company such as Era Biz to reduce costs

A dedicated team is hired to outsource an entire core task, such as a full project to build a software or an app, while an extended team is made to augment staff in order to complete specific inhouse tasks that are part of a bigger picture. Members of an extended team are usually hired through staff augmentation short term, though you could also hire individual dedicated developers if you need them on a long-term basis. However, Dedicated Teams are hired as a whole after specifying your requirements to your offshore software development partner.

• Communicate your requirements and project scope clearly
• Prepare a clear SOW (statement of work) for your project including scope, deliverables, timelines, roles of team players, and payment terms.
• Establish a reporting method
• Touchbase frequently and effectively with your project management and team
• Though they are a remote dedicated team not hired directly by you, showing some extra support goes a long way and helps get things done faster.

Agile development is an overarching development philosophy on how to provide the best working software while focusing on communication, collaboration, flexibility and adaptability.

Scrum (taking its name from rugby) is one of the main methodologies used to implement. Scrum uses two main key ways to make software developments more agile: scrums and sprints. ‘Scrums’ are daily meetings used to understand work done, daily goals, challenges and changes to be made through lessons learnt. This creates a self-motivated dedicated team able to work and grow. ‘Sprint’ is a method to segregate tasks into bite-sized chunks which are then planned, developed and tested within a two-week period, making the development very agile and reducing costly correction, hence improving ROI (return on investment).

A scrum master is a trained expert in managing software development teams and organizing scrums and sprints. It is not a must to include a scrum master but it definitely helps, especially when a dedicated team uses the scrum method for agile development as Era Biz Solutions teams do.