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Full Project Outsourcing: Get a Competitive Edge

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Full project outsourcing’, otherwise called ‘IT Project Outsourcing’ or ‘Project-based IT Outsourcing’, is the act of outsourcing an entire software development project to a third-party software development company. This form of outsourcing is usually contracted on a Fixed Price Model which is more cost-effective. It allows a business to reroute necessary resources to other areas even as critical IT upgrade projects are being conducted at the same time. Not only is this IT Project Outsourcing best for resource savings, but it also results in better quality and more efficient software solutions. This also allows custom software solutions.

1. High-Cost Savings

Among other forms of IT outsourcing, project-based IT outsourcing has one of the best cost savings to work done ratio in general. Location-wise, selecting offshore IT project outsourcing can be much more cost efficient compared to onshore or nearshore. Such high amounts of cost savings are usually reached through a Fixed Pricing Model. However, further agility during project development can be reached by opting for a more flexible pricing structure.

2. Better Innovation

Software Developers working in IT project outsourcing are usually highly experienced and qualified, given the right IT partner is selected. Hence, giving them your requirements and letting them do their job with little to no interference can result in unexpectedly innovative and top-quality solutions, in a way that may not be achieved through developers inhouse, due to specialized skills and knowledgeable supervisors.

3. Less Responsibility and Lower Risk

Contracting out your entire project to an outsourcing software development company means that you handover the full responsibility, including success and failure of the project to them. It is their total responsibility to ensure project success within the budget according to your exact requirements if possible, or at least a close alternative with the same effect if not. Hence, you are able to peacefully focus on other tasks with only occasional communications to confirm the project progress.

4. Swift Turnaround Times

Due to high skills and lots of practice, software developers in companies specializing in IT project outsourcing are able to provide faster turnaround times. On-demand resource allocation and an availability of a large pool of experts also plays its part in improving turnaround times.

Why Choose Era Biz for IT Project Outsourcing?

Full Project Outsourcing is a key product option of Era Biz Solutions. Here is why our clients love fully outsourcing their projects to us.

High Cost-Quality Ratio

In addition to having highly competitive pricing, our IT project outsourcing quality is significantly higher than most other offshore software development companies. We give the best rates in comparison to quality.

Dedicated Team with Cream of the Crop Developers

We use dedicated teams even for our Full Project Outsourcing for custom software development. Our crème de la crème developers are selected from a large pool of highly qualified and experienced IT outsourcing professionals from Sri Lanka.

360° Data Security

We protect your data both internally and externally. Our developers are all vetted through stringent security checks and follow secure software development practices. In addition, we sign an NDA, backed up by comprehensive laws on data privacy.

In-Depth Requirements Analysis

We conduct in-depth research and analysis with regard to your specific requirements as part of our IT Project Outsourcing process. Therefore, even if you lack knowledge in the area of information technology, we will assist you in reaching the best solutions.

Highly Customized Software Solutions

We provide software solutions to your requirements that are tailored to your organizational needs based on our detailed requirements analysis. You can choose two ways to customize your IT outsourcing project based on your budget and time:

Agile Development Methodology

We use agile development methods for even faster turnaround times, and much-increased flexibility and adaptability for your IT outsourcing project. This means changes can be made as needs occur and you can see results faster.

Regular Progress Updates

While IT project outsourcing is usually done with little to no interference, we have no intention of leaving you high and dry. We provide regular progress updates at every step and samples as soon as a deliverable is developed.

Easy Communication

Our developers are multilingual and easy to communicate with. They are hired after being vetted for English fluency and linguistic skills in other languages. Expect full support and clarifications on your IT Outsourcing Project.

High Transparency

We are very transparent about our cost factors and the development process. You are able to ask questions and clarify during your IT project outsourcing. We work ethically and provide honest high-quality work.

High Accuracy with Testing and Maintenance.

Our expert QA engineers check and recheck each finished part of your software before deeming it ready for release. Our projects timelines are made with appropriate time for us to check for bugs, do maintenance, and upgrades on the new solution.

When Should You Choose IT Project Outsourcing?

IT project outsourcing can be done for any software or mobile development project. It is great for working on a budget and if you need someone else to take over the project for you. However, if you need added control over your project with the same feeling as doing your project inhouse, it is suggested that you hire Era Biz’s Dedicated Team as external hires. In addition, if you require a lot of scalability and flexibility with regards to the scope, it may be more appropriate to choose one of the other project options.

1. Requirements Analysis

The project starts when you contact us to customize your software through Full Project Outsourcing and sign a contract. We speak with you and obtain your requirements. In addition to speaking with you on the requirements, we may request discussions or feedback from other users, detailed information on your organization and the work process involving the software, and other systems that the software will need to synchronize with. This step may require time depending on how much detail you provide us on your requirements document.

2. Scope Definition

Based on your requirements that is now analyzed in detail, the scope of your project will be defined. In other words, the exact project outline, how and to what extent it will be developed will be stated in writing. This is in order to keep within the budget that is planned. Adding new elements and changing them at the last moment can be costly for both you, as the client, and us as the development team. Hence, make sure that solutions for your key requirements for the project are all included within the scope.

3. Team Formation

A team will be formed from our available inhouse developers, with new hires made if necessary. Their skillset will be as defined by the scope.

4. Planning and Design

The newly formed team will brainstorm and plan the tasks. The tasks will then be segregated into sections in order to allow for agile development. The design of the software solution will be finalized with you. Your development team will create some prototypes for you to check and decide on.

5. Development

The actual development will begin using Agile Development methodologies such as Scrum. This will make your project more flexible, and adaptable to changes that may be needed. Development will be done in sprints with deliverables produced to you after each sprint. Some will be implementable immediately.

6. Testing and Implementation

The completed product will undergo a full security audit for vulnerabilities, and repeated Quality Assurance testing till it is deemed ready for release with zero errors. At this point the implementation will begin. A team will be there to support you with the migration and training process as you transition to the new system.

7. Maintenance

We provide a fixed maintenance period as part of your project package. During this period, we will do all upgrades and fixes for any bugs that may occur during unprecedented circumstances. After the project is completed, a separate maintenance and service agreement can be drawn for extended maintenance


We are unable to provide you with any costs without doing an in-depth requirements analysis after contracting with you. There will be a base cost. Based on your specific requirements customization costs and pay for developers will be added on top of that and will be communicated to you clearly once the requirements analysis is completed.

Our transition operation is really smooth. We have very capable IT experts and professionals who will form a team to help with the migration. We also train your teams on the usage of the system and ensure you are able to transfer seamlessly with no business impact. This way your transition will be perfect. Assistance with setup will also be provided if requested.

Yes, we will be taking down your technical requirements during the requirements analysis phase and doing the necessary customization for full integration during development. Our migration team will also check and ensure full integration with other systems during implementation.

Customers: They benefit from this because reducing your costs will increase their benefits by keeping charges low while also becoming able to have access to better quality products. Disadvantaged Communities: We hire our developers from Sri Lanka. As such many disadvantaged but talented communities benefit from the employment. Global Economy: Offshore software development allows you to access a wider pool of talent while empowering the global economy as a result.