Our bespoke software solutions are tailormade to your needs and wants. They are made to fit your brand identity and specific requirements, while integrating smoothly with your existing systems.

What is Bespoke Software Development?

Bespoke software are software that have been heavily customized by a software development company to fit the client perfectly. These may be customized from an off-the-shelf or made from scratch. Depending on how they are made they can be very scalable and can have almost unlimited data capacity and features, in comparison with typical generic software from a store. The process will include designing, developing, testing, implementing and occasionally maintaining the software.

Advantages of Bespoke Software


The Software can be adapted to fit your audience or business needs.


Bespoke solutions allow changes to be made according to changes in the market or economy


As the solution is a custom product designers can experiment, fix errors, make changes accordingly, and resume work where they left off without compromising the performance of the product

Protected Source Code:

As it is a custom product, the source code can be secured and protected from external influences by ensuring you partner with a reliable IT partner.

Types of Bespoke Software Development

There are broadly two main methods in which a bespoke software can be developed.

1. Customized Generic Software

Software that is easily obtainable on the market (known as generic software or off-the-shelf software) are customized to fit client needs. This customization is usually only surface deep and, though there will be added capabilities and features to fit your organization, the scalability and flexibility are limited by the original limitations of the generic software. However, the advantage of this is that it’s very much lower cost and much faster than a made-from-scratch software. Hence, in situations where the bespoke software solution takes unexpectedly lower cost and time, it is best to check in detail to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting for your money as many companies don’t reveal that they use generic software upfront.

2. Made-from-Scratch Software

Bespoke software that are made from the ground up by your offshore software developer are generally extremely flexible with the option of adding almost unlimited features. Fully custom software are a very expensive and time-consuming affair though. This can be alleviated through an original base software is kept premade by the developer; the customization can then be highly in-depth with a perfect fit. This is because the coding was fully done by the same developers from scratch and they are able to easily manipulate the coding to add the necessary features that you require, while also tweaking it to maximize the software’s compatibility with your other existing systems. Storage capacity and features can be made to fit. While somewhat more expensive than generic software customizations due to the initial effort put into making the software base and copyrights, this made-from-scratch software is much less expensive than fully bespoke software development.

As can be expected, Era Biz does not provide customizations of generic software and only provides top quality made from scratch software either customized from a base software originally created by Era Biz, or a completely bespoke solution.

Bespoke Software for a Business

There are 4 main categories of bespoke software development solutions that a business may require regardless of its size. While off-the-shelf software are easy to obtain, they do not even come close to the efficiency and ease of use that bespoke software offer to a business.


Designed to automate and keep track of many processes in the business; including customer service, sales, and lead management. As a bespoke CRM system is designed as per your requirements the learning curve and transition time for the new system are shorter.


CMS such as WordPress and Tumblr allow you to manage your content on websites, blogs, social media and etc. Bespoke CMS allows you to speed up your website building and content management, and due to being customized to your needs is also more compatible with your existing systems.


E-Commerce Solutions are systems created to manage online stores; including handling stock records, shopping carts, and payment gateway connections. Having a bespoke solution can help customize it better for your needs and locality while giving a unique and outstanding look.


An ERP system is a combined application that automates and controls a number of business processes while providing reports and insights to higher management. Many departments such as Finance, Manufacturing and Logistics, Marketing, HR and other departments can be controlled centrally by the ERP software. Bespoke ERPs go a level further with customization, giving you exactly what you need for complete compatibility your processes and systems

Why Choose Era Biz?

1. Experienced in bespoke software development for over 10 years
2. Development done at very cost-efficient rates
3. Cream of the crop team selected from talented pool of Sri Lankan IT professionals
4. Highly secure and agile development methods
5. 100% focus by project team on only your project
6. Progressive team with its pulse deeply embedded in the relentless drive of ultramodern technology