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What is Government Digitization?

Government Digitization is the process by which public institutions computerize their systems and automate them through Internet access. The process is also called eGovernment transformation. Through ICT access, public institutions worldwide are able to provide better and more improved services to citizens and possibly save hundreds of millions on average at the same time.

Benefits of Government Digitization

Usage of Digital Tools to Replace High-Volume Activities

Activities such as Voter registration, birth certificate registration, passport registration, and similar standardized activities can be easily digitized and automated, hence saving valuable work hours and costs.

Better decision-making through Advanced Analytics

Public Sector institutions can convert data to key information by feeding it through complex digital algorithms in real-time. Such big data and analytics features allow faster facilities utilization in departments such as defense, social services, public safety, and healthcare.

Streamlining Processes

Digitizing labor-intensive and costly processes streamlines these processes, hence reducing costs and increasing productivity. Sri Lanka’s social services (Samurdhi) digitization process done by Era Biz enabled them to efficiently handle the information of millions of social beneficiaries and also run an automated fair lottery.

Data Sharing among State Departments

While state departments are not digitized their information databases whether manual or computerized will be discrete and haphazard. This can often result in data loss or a lack of proper data sharing among departments, allowing loopholes in legal processes. Enabling data sharing ensures the same data is available for all departments and only with the correct clearance.

High Security of Data

Government data can be held more securely with proper eGovernment strategies. Digitizing enables clearance limits and highly secure firewalls, and reduces risks of social engineering. Even when data is breached due to some human intervention, it becomes easier to identify where the breach occurs.

Greater Citizen Satisfaction and Happiness

Government Digitization enables better citizen happiness and satisfaction through speed and transparency, while also providing better benefits and services to the people through additional cost savings.

Why Select Era Biz as Your Government Digitization Partner?

Era Biz Solutions is an experienced IT outsourcing company that has been in operation since 2011. Over the years we have been able to work with many public entities from both Sri Lanka and other countries. As a result, the organization is highly skilled in providing the most affordable and creative solutions for government digitization. Our developers are very talented and able to provide secure digitization at scale.

Our previous projects have been highly successful and have helped process the information of millions of citizens over multiple departments. We have offered unprecedentedly creative and quality solutions for our public entity clients, which are serving the people positively even today. Our team is easy to work with and communicate with. We also provide Build- Operate-Transfer solutions for state projects which helps take over the IT maintenance and administration component, hence helping governments save additional funds and valuable time when necessary. Here are some key reasons we are sought after by public entities.

1. Affordable high-quality solutions tailored for governments: Era Biz believes in being accountable and gives reduced rates for all public entities as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

2. The newest technologies molded and customized for state use: Era Biz software and applications are made with the latest technologies and can provide lasting impact for several years. This reduces government IT costs in the long term.

3. No hidden costs: Era Biz is open and transparent about its charges. There is no need to fear that the organization will charge exorbitant maintenance fees or request hidden charges at the end of the project. Costs are reduced due to accountability and offshore software outsourcing in Sri Lanka, not due to hidden costs.

4. White Labeling and Ownership: Ownership of the project and customized software after completion of the project will fully belong to the government entity in question. Era Biz will not take ownership unless specifically requested by the client for Build-Operate-Transfer projects.

5. Full NDA and secure development: Government Digitization Development is done by highly qualified vetted developers with extensive experience in secure development methods. Era Biz will also sign a full non-Disclosure agreement which protects the data and privacy of the client.

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