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Are you an IT company that has services that can be combined with ours? Are you a top-performing IT company in your region? Do you wish to engage in mutually beneficial partnerships with us? Check out our partnership options below.

We welcome trusted collaborations from agencies and businesses looking to grow their service range with the expertise offered by Era Biz. Our Solutions Partnership program is created to fuel growth and reduce costs for businesses. We help you offshore your IT project and reach a greater talent pool. Alternatively, if your service offerings would complement ours by expanding into areas we are not working on, we would love to hear from you too.

We are happy to provide a revenue-sharing opportunity when you refer over a client. You will get a percentage of the revenue from your referral’s project when they sign the contract with us and your client will also get a discount for being referred by you. Contact us to register as a referrer and obtain your unique referral ID.

If you are an influencer and would like to partner with us, the opportunity is always open. We create top-quality web apps and mobile apps which you can use to market your branded items. You can also become an Affiliate Partner and post the affiliate link we provide you to your social media. When a customer arrives through your link and signs a project contract with us, you will be able to share a percentage of the revenue from their project. The client will also receive a discount on their total charge. Contact us to learn more.