An ECommerce Platform is a web application that allows businesses to sell and buy products online. It operates as an online version of a physical store and has components to allow functions such as recording sales, managing stocks, registering any purchases by the business, storing user/customer information, allowing analysis of market trends, etc. Whether the smallest startups or the largest enterprises, ECommerce Platforms have something to offer to the growth of the organization. However, larger enterprises will require Enterprise ECommerce platforms that have a full range of online and offline services and are capable of handling the scale of operations.

Complete Omnichannel Marketing

We help create a cohesive marketing experience across all channels: online, mobile, and in-store.

Cloud-based Data Storage

Our Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms offer cloud-based storage for customer data, product data, and other related information. This ensures that the platform remains lightweight and fast.

Automated Retail Data Manager

Our integrated function in the Enterprise ECommerce Platform allows you to manage your customer, product, purchases, and other data with a single click.

Supply Chain Management

Helps connect with your back office supply chain modules and update the product catalog accordingly.

In-store service integration

Our Enterprise ECommerce Platform helps you make a cohesive connection with your customers and their in-store as well. This helps take full note of customer interests and needs.

Higher Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

With our fully interactive Enterprise ECommerce platform, customers are able to feel better engagement and hence increase customer satisfaction. Better customer satisfaction also equals better customer loyalty.

Demand Prediction Functions

Our systems are able to analyze buyer behavior and make demand predictions. This will allow businesses to identify the most marketable products and product changes to be made.

Affordable Enterprise ECommerce Platform Development

We provide the most competitive rates for our Enterprise Ecommerce Platform made with the highest quality. We achieve this by having our tech hub in Sri Lanka, with access to a pool of talented developers

Highly Secure Development Process

Era Biz specializes in secure Agile software development. Our developers are fully vetted and certified and we also protect your privacy with ironclad NDAs.

Flexibility and Scalability

Our development process uses DevOps and is highly flexible to any features you wish to customize. In addition, we have extensive experience in large-scale projects and are fully able to scale our software product to fit your requirements.

Fully Customizable Platform

Our Enterprise ECommerce Platform can be fully customized from the ground up. We can provide you with a faster solution by reusing some of our existing code or even creating 100% new code for a fully unique solution, depending on your time and budget.

Realistic Deadlines and Excellent Communication

Era Biz has very fluent English-Speaking developers. As such, comfortable communication is ensured. In addition, we believe in realistic deadlines for project tasks and will not provide deadlines that are later ignored. This will give you an exact idea of how long your project will take.

If you want us to take up your Enterprise ECommerce Project, or wish to transfer your project to us due to dissatisfaction with your current developers, please fill out the form on the Contact Us page for a free consultation.