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We do Software Development using ultramodern development methodologies.

At Era Biz, we believe in maintaining a reputation as one of the Best Software Development Companies in Sri Lanka through trustworthiness and reliability. As such we streamlined our work into 4 models that you can select from for the most secure and risk-free partnership experience.

We believe they cover most common development process requirements, but clients are welcome to request additional changes

Our Work Models are:

If you already have an IT team but need a developer with special skills on short-term basis, this is the best Work Model. You will be able to hire a one or more developers strictly for your organization for that period. You will also be free of all the responsibility of the hiring and HR process as we will handle this for you as a top software company in Sri Lanka.

If you want a full team that will be entirely focused on your organizational objectives and requirements, hiring from a top software development company in Sri Lanka is the way to go. This will give you the equivalent of an in-house team for your project, just without the burden of hiring, employee benefits and training costs. We will take over the troublesome responsibilities for you!

Full Project Outsourcing lets you shift the responsibility of your entire software development us as one of the best software development companies in Sri Lanka, while we provide regular updates. Free up valuable resources while providing significant cost savings. We take charge of project success till the handover of the complete software project.

This model allows us to not only complete the software development project for you but also has us operating your new system at your full interest for a period of time to check on any hiccups. After a perfect build according to your specifications, and a faultless operation, we help you transition smoothly to the new system with minimal business.