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Era Biz is a custom offshore software development company formed in 2011 in Sri Lanka to provide simplified software solutions that anyone can understand.

Era Biz Solutions is an offshore software development company registered in Sri Lanka with offices in the UK as well. We offer cost-effective, world-class custom offshore software solutions in the areas of full-cycle web design, software development, app design and social media management.

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To take enterprises to the next level by leveraging effective and innovative problem-solving methodologies to deliver unique, customized and quality digital solutions.

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To rank as one of the Top Software Development Solutions Companies in the World by providing the most pragmatic and innovative solutions to our clients.


Active Listening is a very much undervalued factor that can make all the difference in the success of a partnership. We at Era Biz carefully listen to your current needs and map out your anticipated future ones as well. We are there for you when you have a problem or query on any of your systems and will listen, understand and walk you through the custom offshore software solutions available.


We serve our clients, investors, employees and other partners with a crystal clear and transparent custom offshore software solutions approach. Any and all negotiations, workflow and finances are optimized for the best transparency. If further clarity is needed, we are always happy to provide it. With Era Biz our partners can be assured of the utmost ethics and integrity.


We want to have a long-term partnership with you as our client, investor, employee or other partner. And we at Era Biz are fully aware that such a relationship is based on mutual empathy and understanding. We are a company that cares and we do our best to show it. The best interests of our partners are key to us and we are always there to provide our fullest support for your custom offshore software.


Innovation is the base of our organization. We work to bring unique and customized offshore software solutions to our clients that focus on ease of use, productivity and profitability. As such, in Era Biz ideas are always welcome from our employees, clients and partners. These ideas are discussed further to understand their practicality in the real world and actioned if they pass the test.

Our Story

In the year of 2011, IT services companies in Sri Lanka were still in their infantile stage. The founder of Era Biz Solutions, noted a knowledge gap and wished to provide the most direct and easy-to-use custom offshore software solution. Era Biz Solutions was formed with the thought to simplify complex IT systems into software solutions anyone could understand. Over the next decade the organization grew and gained many long-term clients through its trustworthiness and reliability. Era Biz Solutions has partnered with many clients from a range of countries; including the United States, UK, Greece, Cyprus, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, India, Japan and Australia; and dealt with over 1000 projects.

In early 2023, Era Biz Solutions expanded with administrative offices in London, UK in order to better serve clients on a global level, while the tech hub remained in Sri Lanka. With a period of high growth anticipated in the upcoming future; Era Biz Solutions focuses not on profit as a main goal, but on long term relationships and partnering for mutual success.

Era Biz Solutions operates with a small and effective team of elite leaders managing a multitalented team of creative individuals. Our team is hired through a stringent vetting process that verifies their English linguistic abilities and IT-related skillset. To improve the efficiency of the team, the organization strives to create a friendly and robust company culture geared to serve both our employees and clients equally. We consistently follow and understand global trends, complex cultures and expectations to cater to evolving needs of our customers. Learning is encouraged, and mentorship is always available for team members. In keeping with the times, the organization provides a hybrid work environment and high work flexibility. Era Biz has a system of regular appraisals with open and honest feedback, as well as a rewarding structure, for team members. Our communication channels are always open!

Era Biz Solutions has been rated highly by all its clients. Here are the reasons why:

Absolute Security

Era Biz Solutions understands the importance that their data plays to our clients. We use secure software development practices for our custom offshore software solutions, while only hiring thoroughly vetted employees who sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Adherence to Quality

At Era Biz Solutions quality and accuracy are the tenets we live by. Our IT gurus are extremely focused accuracy and clean code, while our QA tester does microscopic QC checks to ensure project quality of the custom offshore software solution.

Agile and Affordable

In this fast-paced world, custom offshore software solutions need to remain flexible and agile. Era Biz Solutions anticipates clients’ needs agilely and flexibly, with affordable pricing through efficient offshore outsourcing.

Multilingual Staff Members

All staff hired have high fluency of English, with some even having native fluency of English, in addition to their local and other languages that they speak. Hence communication is never a problem with Era Biz Solutions

Creativity at its Best

Filled with out-of-the-box thinkers who focus on user experience, practicality, productivity and affordability in their ideas, Era Biz Solutions is able to provide the most innovative and user-friendly custom offshore software solutions to its partners.

Professional and Proactive

Era Biz Solutions creates long-term partnerships through utmost professionalism and proactiveness. Knowledgeable developers and experienced analysts make us the best supportive and long-term partner for any custom offshore software solutions project.

Timely Delivery

Era Biz Solutions has utmost focus on timeliness and ensures it through efficient use of teamwork, time management and expertise. Our experience managing multiple custom offshore software projects allows us to provide the best results in the shortest time.

Flexible Working Models

Our organization specializes 4 flexible working models (Staff Augmentation, Dedicated Teams, Full Project Outsourcing, and BOT: Build-Operate-Transfer) for the most efficient and effective custom offshore software project resolution.

Our Developer Vetting Process for New Hires has 6 stages, through which we select the top 1% of candidates who apply. That is, only the top 1 out of 100 people are picked, so our team hires the cream of the crop.

1. Candidate Application (100%)

Talented candidates with long-term experience and high potential candidates with good internship experience or other project experience from IT universities in Sri Lanka send in their applications to us.

2. Handpick Candidates (50%)

All applications will be reviewed by the HR team and passing candidates will be shortlisted based on their qualifications, experience and skillset mentioned. Half the candidates get discarded after this step.

3. 1st Interview (25%)

Candidates go through a first interview with the HR Manager to vet them on their background, their experiences in the field, and any gaps in their employment. This will also check their English skills. Half of the remaining candidates are discarded after this step.

4. Portfolio Review (12%)

Candidates who are shortlisted after the 1st interview are asked to send in their portfolio to provide evidence of any work they have done. This will ensure their skillset and talents match the requirements of the project or the organization as a whole. This will be used to shortlist around half the remaining candidates.

5. Skill Test (5%)

Candidates will be undergoing an English test and Skill Test related to the position they applied for where they have to display their skills in a practical manner within a limited time. The skill test will be graded by experienced developers or even the CEO who is an expert developer. Through this the true abilities of the candidates will be revealed, allowing the recruitment team to select the top 5% of candidates.

6. Final Interview

The final candidates will have an interview with the final candidates to find the most suitable in terms of salary expectations, career goals, and other such specific details.


Custom software allow the company to more easily integrate their existing systems with the new system. Custom software made from scratch are more expensive than those customized from generic software as they are better tailored for you and seamlessly integrate with your existing systems. As such, the cost is soon retrieved from the savings generated through better work efficiency. It also increases productivity, scalability and is more secure against external threats

A bootcamp graduate is a trained IT developer who usually is a person from an entirely different profession who chooses to enter the IT profession through being trained in a development bootcamp. As the learners are financially motivated, the bootcamps aim to condense the entire learning of several years in college into a single year or even a few months, sometimes thereafter providing them coding experience through low paid development jobs over the next 2-3 years. On the other hand, a college qualified graduate will undergo 3-4 years of learning and some internship experience before graduation. As can be expected, with a bootcamp grad basic coding knowledge and decent industry related coding would be possible, but they would be sorely lacking with regards to complex coding knowledge, in-depth software engineering skills and problem-solving skills that a college qualified grad would excel in. Era Biz solutions only hires talented college qualified graduates with enterprise level software development experience who have worked with foreign clients such as UK and USA with excellent English language skills.

No. Era Biz Solutions does not hire freelance developers. This is in order to maintain high teamwork and work efficiency. Most freelance developers become used to working on their own timelines and develop rather aggressive and independent mindsets in order to handle difficult clients. Hence, even if very talented, they often find it difficult to integrate with the rest of the team when hired and disrupt the development environment.