With the internet swiftly turning into one of the world’s greatest marketing tools, creative websites and web applications have become the most sought-after cutting-edge business advantage around the world. Hence, it is necessary to find a reliable and expert web application developer who is able to turn an organization’s vision into reality, and in record time.

Custom web application development is the development of built-to-specific software applications which can be directly accessed on your internet browser without any need for downloads, updates, or configurations. This offers high interactivity to users and good web applications are highly sought after. Unlike off-the-shelf software, custom web applications offer increased flexibility and agility.

Web Design and Development and Web Application Development may sound similar. However, they differ at the very core. It is necessary to understand that websites are just a set of interlinked webpages that don’t really have much interactivity; as in that the user can only view the page content and are not able to manipulate them. Web applications allow websites to go beyond this limit and achieve dynamic interactivity with the user. While it is rare to see a clearcut separation in the current era, those websites with very little interactive content fall under the web development category.

The table below lists out the differences between web development and web application development in terms of purpose, functionality, and features

Web DevelopmentWeb Application Development
PurposeTo design and develop a website that will store and display information and content to the viewer through a browserTo create web applications that can be integrated with a website to perform specific tasks such as banking, online shopping, and watching movies. (Pro tip: Think Google Docs or Netflix)
FunctionalityLimited to no interactivity or added functionalityDynamic and interactive features. Immersive experience
Tech StackBasic web languages such as CSS3 and HTML5 with a little bit of JavaScriptIn addition to the basic languages advanced web technologies such as PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Yii, Laravel, Django, React, Angular, and LAMP
InteractivityFor the most part Read-onlyRead, Write, and Manipulate
IntegrationWeb development for websites (though possible) very rarely involves integration with other software such as CRM or LMS softwareWeb Application Development will often require developers to integrate the main web application with other software
AuthenticationWhile some websites may provide additional content or access to add comments behind an authentication wall, most do not require any form of login authenticationMany Web Applications require authentication and personal data for registration to access their features. Some will have security conditions for passwords as well

The Benefits of Web App Development

Accessible from Multiple Devices: As browser-based, web applications are not platform dependent. While there may be hardware requirements depending on how some web apps are made, usually web applications can be accessed on any computer, smartphone, tablet, or other device.

Ease of Use and Availability: As web applications are internet based, they can be accessed from anywhere in any country and anytime quite easily.

Increasing Efficiency of Business Processes: As most web applications use cloud servers, data-driven tasks, and functionalities can be made faster and more efficiently. At the same time, reporting can be done in real-time, making decision-making much quicker and easier.

Easy to Deploy, Maintain and Update: Unlike in the case of software development or mobile app development in which it is necessary to jump through many loops to deploy, and redevelop apps or software for each device/platform environment separately; web applications can be directly launched and updated in one go through a host server.

Providing self-service and increasing loyalty: Customers are able to access services and functions that are offered by an organization on their own, making it a dynamic and interactive experience for them. This will ensure increased customer interest and loyalty.

Getting your web application fully custom developed as opposed to using an off-the-shelf web application can be a very beneficial and rewarding experience. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Unique and Singular Product

Since you will be commissioning a product that is made to your specific requirements as needed by your specific organization and brand, it is guaranteed that you will get a unique visually appealing web application. If you wish to move away from the standard cookie-cutter websites and web applications, this is the way to go.

2. Increased Functionality and Scalability

As the web application is built-from-scratch it is easier to add and change features and functionalities. Unlike a generic web application, custom web applications can go beyond common features and tools through the most modern technologies. In addition, as the coding will be custom developed the application can be scaled up or down as need arises.

3. Better SEO Optimization Opportunities

Due to the unique and keyword-rich content, and optimized imagery that can be added to custom web applications, there are better SEO opportunities made available. However, this is enhanced by the SEO-friendly structure in which custom web application development is done.

4. Higher Security

Custom web application coding is only available to a very limited group of people: namely the owner of the web application (the organization that makes the commission) and the developers. This makes it easier to implement higher security protocols and increases protection.

5. Full Use of Business Automation

Since custom web applications are made in accordance with specific client requirements it is possible to identify efficiencies and automate tasks that would normally be repetitive and possibly easy to make errors in. An example would be extracting customer data from web applications automatically to CRM databases without manual intervention.

6. Consistent Performance

As off-the-shelf web applications often add additional plugins alongside updates, they can cause these applications to slow down. However, custom web applications can be made to be really lightweight even during updates, offering consistent good performances.

7. Greater Customer Satisfaction

As custom web application development is most often done to suit the needs and wants of the specific organization’s customers, they often find them more comfortable and intuitive than generic software. Hence there will be a rise in customer satisfaction.

5 Types of Custom Web Applications

1. E-Commerce Sites:

These can be tailored to include shopping carts, downloadable product catalogs, product search engines, payment gateways, sales reports and more.

2. Integrated Web Applications / Web Portals:

Complex system that includes multiple function modules, combining the features of many applications into one. User only sees the web application they need

3. Content Management Systems (CMS):

These are systems such as WordPress and Joomla which allow you to manage all your web content in a single location.

4. Social Networking Sites:

Allow people to connect, message, share information and content, comment, and do other entertaining activities.

5. Web Services:

Applications such as Google Docs which run in a web browser using server-side code. Most often these consist of desktop applications that are converted using JavaScript or Ajax to allow access online without downloading.

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