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Back Office Software solutions are now a necessity in every organization in order to improve efficiency, lower costs and keep up with the competition. However, such systems are complex and can be expensive even when choosing generic off-the-shelf software. Hence, obtaining a total suite of applications in one fully customized back office software solution can be a huge advantage.

Back Office Software or Back Office Systems are integrated systems that are not used by the front end of an organization, that is by personnel such as sales representatives, receptionists, booking consultants, and others who may have direct contact with customers. Back-office software solutions are only used where they will not be seen by consumers, hence enabling technology for internal office functions such as reporting, management, accounting, etc.

Having different systems for the Back Office can be inefficient and can cause problems in system compatibility. Back Office Software Solutions integrate multiple back office functions into a single application separated by appropriate strong security walls to prevent sensitive data from being breached and shared to irrelevant personnel. Using the same system reduces administrative bottlenecks, hence increasing processing speed

Back Office Software come in many different shapes and sizes; from simple and basic solutions for small organizations to highly complex, and detailed solutions for major organizations. However, the following components are often commonly integrated into back office software solutions

Human Resources: Functions to handle hiring, employee profiles, employee benefits, performance ratings, learning and development, and more

Inventory Control: Includes functions to manage stocks, purchasing, warehousing, shipping, returns, and more.

Accounting Systems: Includes all functions necessary for the finance department such as payables, receivables, payroll, tax payments, etc.

Office Administration Systems: Office Administrative Systems help computerize functions such as record keeping, filing of data, office correspondence, call handling, appointments and more.

Quality Control and Compliance: Quality control applications that manage functions such as document control, change control, training control, audits, customer complaints, preventive actions, and monitoring for security and legal purposes.

Management Reporting: Will include management charts and report downloads, access to congregated data from different departments and other management essentials.

Using Back Office Software has many major and minor advantages. Here are some of the Key ones.

1. Simplifying Procedures and Improving Efficiency

As back office software automates many repetitive tasks and reduces the time taken through streamlining and simplifying procedures, it allows users to improve efficiency and reduce inaccuracies from human error.

2. Increase of Accuracy and Reduction of Human Error

Back office software solutions will not allow any errors in information unless the initial data input has errors in it due to human intervention. This is especially useful for high volumes of information. These systems can also connect directly with front-end systems such as point-of-sales (POS) systems allowing easier transfer of data for managerial purposes.

3. Reporting and Analytics in a Single Click

Reporting functions are made easier with Back Office Software as the system can be developed to offer data and analytics in any form that higher management may require. In addition, accessing information from different departments in one place allows such software to compile reports that should have taken a lot of effort to be compiled with a single click.

4. Reduction of Costs and Resources Required

As back office software automate many processes, what would take many tens of employee headcount will become possible with a very small number, hence creating huge cost savings and allowing that headcount to be used elsewhere for new business or core functions.

5. More Informed Decision Making

The managerial functions of back office software solutions allow higher management an eagle’s eye view of their entire organization. Armed with on-the-spot analytics and reports at any given time, they are able to make swifter and more effective decisions at any given time.

What We Offer You for Custom Back Office Software Development

Customized and Unique Solutions

We do not use any off-the-shelf software to create a solution. Our solutions are 100% original and bespoke. Through excellent coding and powerful reuse of code from similar projects, we are able to provide a faster solution while giving full customization facilities. If necessary and sufficient time is given, we can also provide a fully custom solution with brand-new coding technology.

Development by Top IT Company in Sri Lanka

Era Biz is a top IT company in Sri Lanka with experience over 10 years and success in over 1000+ projects (including that of some major organizations and governments). We are reliable and trustworthy in helping our clients achieve their digital transformations. We have a reputation for providing the best bespoke products on time.

A High Quality and Affordable Product

Our cost-quality ratio is high and extremely sought after. It provides a competitive advantage when you obtain your back-office software. While you will have to pay any server charges, or cloud storage fees separately to the hosting company, our charges are transparent and for the development of your product.

Experienced and Talented Developers

Our developers have vaunted skillsets in the most modern of technologies with years of experience in software and mobile development. They are all fully qualified software engineers with additional certifications in new technologies and development methods. As the cream of the crop in a deep pool of talented Sri Lankan developers they have worked on many enterprise-level projects in the past.

Flexible Features and Functions

Our back office software products are made with all the most commonly used features, which can be scaled up or down according to necessity. In addition, our storage is usually cloud-based allowing easy storage expansion at low cost. Changes can be made agilely during development. Functions such as reporting engines and large-scale storage can be added on request.

Integration and Maintenance

We fully assist with migrating and integrating the new back office software with your existing systems. In addition, necessary maintenance will be done at no cost during the project period, and at a low fee afterward.

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