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What is Era CRM?

Era CRM is a custom CRM software system made by Era Biz from the ground up. It's the heartbeat of successful businesses and large-scale public institutions that understand the importance of deep customer connections, insightful data, and a seamless synergy of technology and people. Engineered with precision, Era CRM seamlessly integrates cutting-edge features to ensure every interaction counts and businesses are always ahead in this dynamic digital era. Our CRM has been tried and tested by some very large-scale public institutions and confirmed to be a top-performing CRM System in the market.

Top Clients: Sri Lanka Samurdhi Department (Social Benefits of the Sri Lanka Government)

Era CRM Features the following Modules:

1. Client/Contact Management:

Easily record and manage clients, contacts, or beneficiaries. Let your customers know you’re always there. With integrated FAQs, and live chat.

2. User Management:

Manage user profiles and access tiers whether customer service officers, management, admin, or other employees.

3. Sales and Marketing:

With an intuitive interface, monitor deals at every stage. Visualize success probabilities, potential roadblocks, and sales strategies, ensuring every lead is guided toward conversion.

4. Data Management:

Dive into a world of actionable insights. With detailed reports on sales performance, customer feedback, marketing success and more, make decisions backed by data.

5. Mail and Telephony (Optional):

Integrated online calling email marketing to leads and customers.

6. Document Management:

Efficient control of customer contracts, proposals, sales collaterals, etc. which need to be shared between the different departments.

7. Payment Management:

An Accounting module that helps manage client payments and product orders.

8. Reporting Module:

Obtain a range of different reports as necessary based on client data and other information within the CRM software.

A Fully Customizable CRM Solution - As a solution that is fully developed by Era Biz using Laravel, you can easily make changes flexibly and adaptably alongside the maintenance.

360° Customer View - Dive deep into every customer's journey. From their first interaction to their latest purchase, get a unified profile that highlights interactions, preferences, feedback, and more - ensuring you understand each customer's unique needs and history.

Security & Compliance - Sleep soundly knowing your data is protected. Tried and tested in high-security requirements with industry-leading encryption protocols and GDPR compliance, Era CRM ensures complete peace of mind.

Custom Integrations - Era CRM plays well with others. Integrate with your favorite tools and software using our robust API suite, making it the heart of your digital ecosystem.

Interactive Dashboards - Era CRM’s dashboards are a window to your business health. Customize them to view KPIs, sales figures, customer feedback, and more, all at a glance.

Training & Onboarding - Get your team up to speed with Era CRM's comprehensive training resources, webinars, and onboarding sessions.

Multilingual Support - Era CRM speaks your language. With support for multiple languages, cater to a global audience effortlessly.

Cloud-Based Architecture - Access Era CRM anytime, anywhere and at much higher speeds. With cloud storage and backup, your data is always secure and accessible.

Highly Flexible and Scalable - Era CRM was created to replace generic CRM software which are rigid and difficult to scale. As such it is a well-made solution for scalability and flexibility.

Increased Efficiency and Speed – The Era CRM System uses lightweight code and high-speed servers to improve speed and efficiency.

The Advantages of Choosing an Era Biz Solution

Made by Acclaimed and Experienced Developers

Era Biz Solutions is a very well-rooted software development company with extensive project experience in local and overseas projects since 2011.

Innovative and Trustworthy

Era Biz does not just do the minimum for the pay offered, they attempt to do their best and provide the most innovative solutions, giving the utmost value for money.


The cost-to-quality ratio offered by Era Biz Solutions is the very best that can be offered within Sri Lanka or globally. Public entities' rates are highly reduced as a form of community social responsibility (CSR).

Quality at a Global level

The development standards offered by Era Biz are at a global standard. The development work can stand on its own alongside the software used by governments, or private sector entities anywhere around the world, and still have a competitive edge.

1. Samurdhi CRM

In 2019 Era Biz won the bid for the government digitization of the Samurdhi Department of Sri Lanka (Social Benefits Department). The request was to upgrade the existing system to make it more modern. However, on looking through the existing system it was found to be extremely primitive, messy, and inefficient. Due to this, many records were still paper-based and irregular. Upgrading would not be cost-efficient or practical. Therefore, Era Biz proposed building a completely new system for the same cost.

Over the course of a short period of time, comprehensive research was done into the needs of the Samurdhi department, and highly customized CRM software was built from scratch to fit. The new Samurdhi CRM was designed to be able to hand hundreds of government employees logging in and working at the same time while storing the files and records of over 1.7 million Samurdhi beneficiaries on a secure cloud server. The system was made with the capability to calculate and release beneficiary payments of all the millions of record holders in the system monthly, and also run a fair lottery every quarter to offer lump sum rewards to the lucky winners.

The department was extremely happy with the Samurdhi CRM by Era Biz, and the system continues to be maintained by us as of 2023.

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